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        About us
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        About us
        Honest service Quality assurance

        Jiangsu Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in August 1958 and located in Taizhou city of Jiangsu province in Yangtze River delta. Jiangsu Meilan Chemical Co., Ltd. is a national hi-tech enterprise, Jiangsu provincial key cultivation enterprise and Jiangsu provincial “abiding by contract and being trust worthy” enterprise, a top 500 enterprise of China Petroleum & Chemical Industry and has national postdoctoral program.

        Taking engineering new materials as major leading industries and chlor-alkali chemicals as basic supporting industries, the company is mainly specialized in the research and development, production and sales of engineering new materials, new refrigerants, chlor-alkali chemicals, methane chlorides and fine chemicals, etc. The main products include: Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE), fluoroelastomer(FKM), Hexafluoropropene (HFP), Monochlorodifluoromethane (R22), Difluoromethane (R32), Difluoroethane (R152a), Sodium hydroxide, Monochloromethane, Dichloromethane, Trichloromethane, etc. In this way, the company forms a special products chain which can be completed each others. The company is the key enterprise of organic chemicals and becomes a main base focused on the R&D and production of organic fluoro.

        Based on the extraordinary abilities on R&D and innovation of technology, the company has created several top records in the fields of products, technology and production facilities in China. Thus the company has casted proud brilliant achievements. At present, the products are well sold to most of the region and area in the world and the company has established long term strategy cooperation with most of the famous and well known local and overseas enterprises and customers.

        The company actively practices the core value which is "Safety & occupational health, environmental protection and social responsibility, innovation and continuous improvement, harmony and human-orientation" and Insists on the concept of sustainable development. The company actively undertakes social responsibility and has been successfully authenticated the series of systems like ISO9001 quality certification, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management certification and ISO14001 environmental management certification. Meantime, the company has been always kept the long-term and steady friendships with governments, communities and customers.

        In the future, the company will always focus on the strategy which is “guided by the innovation of new technology, directed by the fluoro new materials industry which is mainly encouraged by the nation, the company will actively promote the adjustment of the products construction in order to try the best to build the road of industrial transformation and upgrading with the features and bright spots of Meilan”. The company will carry out the core values of the enterprises, fulfill the social responsibilities, stick to the blue sky and clear water in the area and make greater contributions to revitalize national chemical industry and develop local economy.

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